Las Palmas

February 2, 2014

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with children

I wasn’t planning to visit Las Palmas. I knew it’s colder than the rest of the island and I don’t really like big cities lately. However ‘ve arranged couchsurfing in a village nearby so we ended visiting the capital too.

We’ve been couchsurfing during Xmas once again. Atalaya village was reminding Cusco in Peru with it’s hills. Our host – David – gave us his own bedroom and he went to sleep on the couch. Now, I really like couchsurfing because we could see places we wouldn’t visit otherwise. Like the fishing district of San Cristóbal where we ate our Christmas Eve lunch.

We’ve spent some time on Las Canteras beach too. Despite the traffic and black sand I liked this city much better than artificial towns created for tourists on the south of the island.

And we haven’t gone back to the south of Gran Canaria ever again.

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Pierwsze zdjęcie z latawcem i dziewczynka pijąca wodę. Uwielbiam<3

Piekne zdjecia ! I sliczna dziewczynka 🙂