Tourist Circle – geysers and waterfalls in Iceland

November 9, 2013

Iceland road trip

Once we’ve agreed with Eduardo on going on Iceland road trip together, I called local car hire company, Cheep Jeep. I wanted to ask if they had a car available for the next day. A girl on the phone told me there is no car free for tomorrow. Then, few minutes later, she is calling back saying they have the car available. I assumed later they pulled it out of the garage.

In the evening I went to the pub with Eduardo. My host has offered babysitting and I wanted to see how local people are enjoying their Friday evening. Drinking very expensive beer I could feel I am getting first symptoms of cold. Not the best thing for an upcoming road trip.

On Saturday morning we went to the car hire company. The car didn’t look good. We didn’t have any options though so decided to leave on a road trip anyway. It was getting late so we chose popular touristy route, the golden circle, and left the westfjords for the next day.

Golden Circle

We arrived at the national park Þingvellir late afternoon. It was very windy so we left soon and for the geysir. We’ve felt a bit warmer around the geysers. There were a lot of people watching eruptions and taking selfies. We stood for a while too.

It was getting dark we left for the waterfalls. We had to walk a little before we arrived at what was Iceland’s most iconic waterfall.  It was impressive but I would prefer less people wandering around. For some reason I didn’t expect Iceland to be so touristy. Even at this time of the day ( and this time of year ) there were many visitors.

We decided to head back to Reykjavik hoping we can arrive before it gets completely dark. The big moon was shining bright on the side. We were so stunned that didn’t watch our speed and went a little over the limit. Bright flash of camera radar was unexpected.

That day we discovered a few malfunctions in our car so decided to call car hire hoping we can get better car before our road trip. Cheep Jeep promised to replace the car but the new one wasn’t any better, if not much worse.



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