Glencoe with kids

June 16, 2013

Where should I take kids in Scotland?

In previous post I promised to post some photos from our trip to Mendoza. However I decided to write about our recent visit to the Scottish Highlands. Although I’ve lived here for almost 5 years, I haven’t seen much except Glasgow, Aberdeen & Shetlands. I decided to do a few trips this year because kids under 5 don’t have to pay for train/bus tickets.

We went for this trip with my friend Dorota, who I’ve met via Couchsurfing. We bought tickets to Fort Williams however we found out there is a big event happening there that weekend – Mountain Bike World Cup, so we decided to get off earlier, in Glencoe.


Where to stay in Glencoe?

One year ago I found a small tent on the street, I took it hoping I can try it out one day. The weather was great for camping so I took it with me. Glencoe was full of people too but we found free space at the campsite called Red Squirrel, also called by the regular campers “A Midge Reserve”.


Despite not so great reviews, we really liked the campsite. Bathrooms were very clean and modern and campsite staff very helpful. We started a fire, I forgot my camping skills a little bit but we got help from the other camper, we gifted him Polish sausage in return.


Halloumi cheese, Podwawelską sausage and marshmallows for dessert.


A few photos with light reflector:

Untitled-6 Untitled-7

Glencoe with kids

After the dinner we went to the Glencoe Inn, around 10 minutes walk from the campsite. It was busy Saturday evening so we stayed outside, soon we had to rush back home because of midges.

Untitled-8 Untitled-9

The next morning: midges found a shelter inside the porch of our tent. Scottish/Highland midges are small insects with a very unpleasant bite. They are most active between Spring and late summer and can be found anywhere in the Highlands.


Dorota went hiking in the mountains early morning and we decided to visit the village.

Untitled-11Untitled-12 Untitled-14

In the afternoon clouds came over and it wasn’t so nice anymore. Midges started attacking so we started another campfire to get rid of them. Midge head net was very useful too!




Quirky furniture in the Glencoe Inn.



We said goodbye to Red Squirrel and went to the bus stop, making a short break for lunch and ice-cream at the Glencoe Cafe in the village.



Next trip: Isle of Skye I’ve been planning for the last 2 years and postponing all the time because of the weather forecast. Hopefully I will manage to get there this time!

Glencoe Activities


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